Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is the "Lavender Lady"{Lavandula angustifolia}pretty easy to grow?? and --?

are they more successfully grown starting the seedings in little planters, then transferring, or directly into the ground?

Or does it really matter?

I'm in the NE {NY}--but it gets REALLY hot here in the summer, so everything else almost that I've grown popped up and looked gorgeous ...... this will be my 1st time growing a loooooooooong long LONG row of lavender against fence out back.

Thanks!!! :o)

Is the "Lavender Lady"{Lavandula angustifolia}pretty easy to grow?? and --?
They say it's easier to grow "Lavender Lady" than other varieties from seed according to all of my research on the internet and gardening books. I'm trying it myself at the moment. I've got the seeds in a terracotta pot on a heating mat. I have more luck with hardy lavenders like "grosso" and "provence", then again I bought actual plants. Check out this link it may be of help.

What I gleaned from the ebook about lavender seeds is to sterilize seedling soil with hot water, let it cool.They don't like too much moisture, always water with warmer water. A heating mat beneath flats or a pot will help them germinate. Let the seedlings mature quite a bit before transferring outside. Good luck!

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