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Is the "Lavender Lady"{Lavandula angustifolia}pretty easy to grow?? and --?

are they more successfully grown starting the seedings in little planters, then transferring, or directly into the ground?

Or does it really matter?

I'm in the NE {NY}--but it gets REALLY hot here in the summer, so everything else almost that I've grown popped up and looked gorgeous ...... this will be my 1st time growing a loooooooooong long LONG row of lavender against fence out back.

Thanks!!! :o)

Is the "Lavender Lady"{Lavandula angustifolia}pretty easy to grow?? and --?
They say it's easier to grow "Lavender Lady" than other varieties from seed according to all of my research on the internet and gardening books. I'm trying it myself at the moment. I've got the seeds in a terracotta pot on a heating mat. I have more luck with hardy lavenders like "grosso" and "provence", then again I bought actual plants. Check out this link it may be of help.

What I gleaned from the ebook about lavender seeds is to sterilize seedling soil with hot water, let it cool.They don't like too much moisture, always water with warmer water. A heating mat beneath flats or a pot will help them germinate. Let the seedlings mature quite a bit before transferring outside. Good luck!

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Do anyone know if there is a registered foliar or cut stump poison to get rid of Pyracantha angustifolia?

we have serious problem with this alien invader tree here in South Africa esp. mountain tributiries, its a serious threat to our local vegetation because it has no natural enemies here. What can one do to get rid of it? I'm only interested in poisons that would not be harmful to the environment/ecology.

Do anyone know if there is a registered foliar or cut stump poison to get rid of Pyracantha angustifolia?
Trade name is "Garland," and it is topically applied to the cut stump.

It takes care of everything. I'm not sure what the chemical name is, but you could Google it.

We've also used glyphosate (trade name Roundup) concentrate to paint stums with and it works as well, and is registered for that use.

Both of these are reasonably safe when used as designated, because they break down over time, and are only applied to the stump.
Reply:Try a specific defoliant or biological poison. Approach a toxicologist.

Anti-Sweat Pills Effective? Any Side Effects?

Ok so I just got these anti-sweat pills from and its clinically proven to help palmar hyperhydrosis and any general hyperhydrosis. They claim its all natural and works. But before I take any I was wondering if anyone else tried them? Are there any negative side effects? Here's a list of the ingredients on the container if it helps;

Foeniculum Vulgare

Ptychotis Ajovan

Cuminum Cyminum

Ruta Graveolens

Cateria Lacca

Cinnamomum Tamala

Cassia Angustifolia

To me the ingredients sound like conditions, lol, I got them to try to help my excessive palmar hyperhydrosis instead of surgery which is the only known cure but I decided to ask here first. Any help is appreciated.

Anti-Sweat Pills Effective? Any Side Effects?
Considering the number of people who are taken in by advertisements for all kinds of magic pills, I'm beginning to wonder whether I should quit my present vocation and start off something that exploits the inherent gullibility of people (and makes me a millionaire in the process).

I would advise you to show the medicines to your doctor before taking them.
Reply:Here's a forum discussion from a few people who have taken the anti-sweat pill.

Apparently the manufacturers claim that the pill works to reduce your pore size, therefore reducing the amount of sweat. Herbal products are not FDA approved, and therefore do not require well-designed and controlled clinical trials to make their claims.

One of the users on that forum mentioned they experienced diarrhea, probably from the ingredient "senna". You can check this site for each herb's uses, side effects, and rating of efficacy.

Botox was recently approved by the FDA for treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis, so you may want to consult a dermatologist about this option before proceeding with surgery. I first heard of this use a few years ago, but there more treatments other than surgery listed on Wikipedia.

If you take any other medication daily, be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist about the anti-sweat pills. Some herbs can have serious interactions with prescription medication.

What type of flowers are these classified as?

Wild Rose ------- (Rosa woodsii)

Lavender--------(Lavandula angustifolia)

Passion fruit vine--- (Passiflora edulis)

Palm tree---- (Actinokentia divaricata)

Its for school work

any help will do

What type of flowers are these classified as?
find answers to all that at

Can Cassia Angustifolia (Senna) cause miscarriages?

Because of the presence of anthraquinones, senna species are used as the primary ingredient in certain commercial stimulant laxatives. It is also the primary ingredient found in most "dieter's tea."

It is rather a strong laxative . This is ,perhaps, the only reason

why it should be shunned by Pregnant women.

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Is lavendula Angustifolia a monocot or Dicot? Is it vascular or non-vascular?

monocot and non-vascular

Anyone looking to buy good organic Angustifolia Echinacea root.....or know of a company looking?

This question isn't really on target, given that this is supposed to be a research "question and answer" site, not an advertising one.